VisvaComplex - New Additions
  • Dear Sundarji,

    Recently there have been mentions in the PS group
    about the panel at Ankor on Kurmavatara. There was
    also something on vELam ERRuthal.

    These three articles would arouse the interest of the
    PS people.

    Three more additions have been made to VisvaComplex.


    This is about a sculpture panel in Ankor Wat in
    It depicts a puranic scene - the Devas and Asuras
    churning the Ocean of Milk by using the Manthra
    Mountain as the churn stick and the snake Vasugi as
    the rope. Lord MahaVishnu takes the form of a
    and supports the mountain which started to sink. He
    steadied the rope.
    It also covers the story of three persons involved in
    story. One is an Vanara; one is a Rakshasa; and the
    is a Kshatria. They are Vali, Ravana, and
    Among these, Vali and Karthaviryarjuna took part in
    churning of the ocean.
    There are five pictures covering the story.


    This is a research article on the ancient Tamil
    practice of
    vELam ERRuthal. When kings fought, the victorious king

    captures the wives and daughters of the vanquished
    as war booty and sends them to his private harem.


    This article with somewhat strange caption is also
    a true story from history. It is about a young king of
    a small
    weak country who dared to defy the emperor of the
    empire of the world at the time.
    The tussel between Aurangazeb, the Grand Mughal and
    Nayakkar, king of the Madurai country.
    The article is accompanied by a map.
  • Dear New members,

    Dr. Jaybee Ayya, whose contributions through for more than a decade
    is unparelleled, moderator of Agasthiyar Group, has been kind enough
    to post again after a long time..

    Most respected sir,

    thanks for b eing consideration.

    best regards / sps
  • Dear Dr,
    Visited your website.Very interesting topics.
    with warm regards,
    shanthi palaninathan.

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