RajaRaja Cholan I as portrayed by Dr.SRB
  • Dear Ganesh,
    That was a great work ! You have raised a no of qns. First let me
    answer this set of qns. The otherone on HTML, layout etc will be
    answered in a separate mail.

    1) "prasati" part of an inscription - ithu header or foot-note?
    ikkala thamizh sol ethenum unda?

    It was called Meikeerthi in Tamil. There are grammers available as to
    how a meikeerthi should be written - so it is certainly not any
    random form of poetry.
    It is not header or footer but a complete poetic expression of king's
    victories. I think I need to write a separate essay about why it came
    into existance, why rajaraja introduced this and why it was
    enthusiastically followed by all of his successors.

    2) Kundavai patri kuripidum pozhuthu, Rajarraja' daughter endru
    kuripdugirare? ithu pizhai thane.. basic'laye kaya vechuttarba?

    Another mail details this.

    3) Melum Kundavai - Vimaladityan (vandiyathevan) thirumanam patriaya
    raja uravugalai mempadutha yetpatra kalyanam pola kurippitullare?

    Mani's research paper will be the best answer.

    4) Arulmozhi varmar yendra peyara kanome??? Makkal naduve vazhangap
    patta per Arulmozhi Devara illai Arulmozhi varmara?? melum Solan,
    Chozhan endra adai peyar irandaiyum kavanamaga kayandu irukkirara
    illai achu pizhaya??

    I've seen his name as "arumozhi chozha devar" (note aru not arul, as
    written in PS). The varman stuff is usually included in sanskrit
    prashastis and sasanams prepared by prists - I don't think it was in
    spoken terms - atleast in chola times, if not pallava.

    When arumozhi became king he was usually called as Udaiyar sri
    Rajaraja chozha devar. In Mudha yathirai VCD, you can see Writer bala
    mentions Rajara in this same name.

    Devar has become a specific caste name today - but in olden days all
    gods and kings were called as devar. Linga purana devar, Maragadha
    devar etc. are some of the god names available in Epigraphs.

    Chozhan - solan : what is your exact question here ?
  • Hello Gokul,
    thanks for ur explanations.. if u look at the other names for Rajaraja I as listed by the author, the names specifically in the following sequence , "Mummudi Solan, Chola Narayanan, Jayangonda Solan,",

    i had a doubt if the author had some other tamil name in mind, by using "Solan" instead of the normal pronunciation as in Chozhan / Cholan.. i remember reading in PS, that chola kings were also referred as Kozhi in some inscriptions...
    This difference was very glaring in the chapter as the author was consistently using "Chola / Chozha" when referreing to the dynasty..sorry if it was very silly..

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