what is the signifiance of these lizards - Kauli Sashtram
  • Lizard, had been a important aspect of nimitham. Infact, as you all
    know, every panchangam will have the effect of its fall on any part
    of the body and the direction from which it makes its voice or

    I have personally experienced a lot of facts due to this.

    There are lot of shashtras like Pakshi Shastram, Anga Shastram,
    Prashna Shastram, and many more existing. And Many a part of Brihat
    Jataka, of Varahamihira. I am practising astrology for quite
    sometime and so far, by gods grace (which is very important)I have
    not missed it. There are quite some aspects to this.

    Kauli shastram is another important aspect of astrology. In
    Kaliyuga, Lord will not come in his own form to give his mandate.
    But will take the form of any human (Manushya roopam) or any form
    that we may often have aversion to or consider silly to let us know.

    Ilustrations of nimithan, when Lord Rama, leaves Mithila after his
    wedding is very well described by Great Sage Valmiki, this is to
    warn Rama and the rest of the meeting with Lord Parashurama.

    The same thing is illustrated when time for Lord Krishna, come to
    depart from this mortal soil, to shed his perishable body.

    The correct prediction come in, when all aspects are correctly
    considered. In Kauli Shastram, lot of people, does not even have a
    clear understanding of direction, to judge its value. And often they
    dont remember the lizard touching any part of thier body.

    Personally, I feel, when people must accept or understand the real
    intention of doing things. By doing such, we know what superstition
    is and what not.

  • apologise for opening this old discussion, but can someone advise
    how many of our popular gods are described with the third eye.

    i have this description of varAhamihira of indra with the third eye!!

    shukla-chatur-viShANo dvipo mahendrasya vajra-pANitvam
    tiryag lalATa-saMsthaM tR^itIyam api lochanaM chihnam

    The great indra is [made] with a white, four tusked elephant, and a
    thunderbolt in his hand. He should also be show with the mark of a
    third eye placed horizontally on the forehead.

    > --- In ponniyinselvan@yahoogroups.com, "Sivapathasekaran"

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