Lemuria & Tamil sangams - Kulothunga Cholan
  • Could be Kulothunga I. I may be wrong.

    Because after Kulothunga I, Chola's patron to Vainavism is quite
    evident, from Vikrama Cholan's construction of MAthil Suvar for Sri
    Rangam temple (Moovar Ula), and his subsequent generations
    contribution to Vaishnavism.

    Infact, during Kulothunga Cholan II,Anabhaya Cholan period was
    written the immortal epic Ramayana by Kavichakravarti Kambar and
    Uttara kandam by Kavichakravarti Otaakuthar.

    Kulothunga Cholan III, was last powerful Chola ruler, before the
    weakest Rajarajan III. He has done renovations to Chidambaram
    temple, not easy to believe that he could have performed this act.
    He might have realised the plight of the chola clan after his death.
    There is also a belief that he called himself 'The younger brother
    of Pandyas', there is a passage called 'Rajakkal Thambiran
    Thiruveedhi' in Chidambaram, named after him, though 'Rajakkal' may
    be a common for all kings.


    I Presume, Kirumi Kanda Chozan was Kulothunga Cholan II, the
    Anabhaaya Chozhan, under who's reign,
  • I believe K-III reign was the time when Kamba Ramayana was composed and he was responsible for inscribing paintings of Ramayana at the Thribuvanam temple. Vaishnavites enjoyed special stature during his period, from the little knowledge I have of him. It is also believed he renovated many Siva - Vishnu temples ( even heard of one such near Koyambedu - dont know more on that).
    My curiosity on him is that being a stronger king than a few of his clan, he is not documented enough. His powers declined over his long rule and eventually gave way at the end of time.
    It is believed that he plundered Madurai and defeated the pandya - chera combination prior to restoring the temple at Thribhuvanam, also he lost the war with pandyas during the fag end of his rule, may be struck a deal with them or so.
    I wish the Tanjore museums / historians were more robust in delving deeper into the history of these guys.
  • A small correction:
    Renovation - thribhuvanam (Kudanthai)
    Ramayana inscriptions - Kampaharashwara (Kudanthai)
  • Dear RJC
    I think Kirumi Kanda Cholana was Adhirajendra ...who died possibly of Laryngeal cancer...
    Dhiwakar can enlighten us as this is the crux of his Thirumalai thirudan
  • Dear Sri and friends,

    Kirujmi Kanda Chola:

    Ramanuja's Period was 1017 CE to 1137 CE
    Kulotthunga-1 was 1070 to 1020 CE
    Athi Rajendra : may be between 1067 and 1070 CE

    Dhivya Suri Charithra, a cotemporary sanscrit classic of Ramanuja period mentioned the chola king as direct chola vamsa King who ordered Udaiyavar to attend his court at Kanchipuram. (This was also mentioned in several later vaishnavite works such as Acharya vaibhava manjari, etc.)

    Why Kanchipuram instead of Gangaikonda Cholapuram? Because the Chalukyas had some impact over Chola kingdom due to their maritial relationship. Please note here Vira Rajendra's daughter was married to Chalukya Vikramathithya-VI, who was a very powerful king, even equlant to Kulottunga-1. Probably Kanchi was in middle of the whole Chola-Chalukya combined Kingdom. And this arrangement must have been accepted by Athi Rajendra the son of Vira Rajendra.

    Instead of attending the court at Kanchi, Ramanuja left the chola country. But one of his Acharya was ordered killed and one his sishya who have lost sight at the court of Chola King.

    The classical work claims that Udaiyavar cursed the chola vamsa to end with this King and further to this curse, The chola was affected by a virus probably a throat cancer and died soon.Kirumi Kanda Chola is probably Athi Rajendran and with his demise, the Raja Raja dinasty has come to an end. This theory was accepted by some other prominent historians and not accepted by other historians also due to the religeous colour offered by Dhivya suri charithra.

    Kulotthunga-1 was no doubt a saivite but also a secular king as he was donor to so many Vishnu Temples including Sri Rangam.

    Another important point is KOIL OZUGU of Thiruvarangam, a temple record book available to us even today. In Koil Ozugu it was mentioned that one 'Maruthi Aandan' a vaishvavite scholar close to Kulottunga brought the King as soon as he took charge de'affairs the Chola desa, to Udaiyavar Ramanujar and the King ordered restored the property of Sri Rangam and control of other Vishnu Temples under Ramanuja.

    Ramanuja lived beyond Kulottunga-1, and Vikrama Chola has taken over the Kingdom and he too, a secular according to 'VikramaChola ula' and he has spent most of his treasury to the renovation of Temples inspite of famine and floods l,ed to destruction of crops and scarcity and distress were reported from Tondaimandalam to Tanjore Districts.

    Even then the Koil Ozugu inform us that this King caused the fifth wall of Ranganatha Temple at Sri Rangam to be re-built.

    Some of Vaishnavite works inforing us that Sri Ramanuja went round Bharat many times during his first cycle of birth (60 years) but permenently settled at Sri Rangam in the next cycle (Except moving for some important occasions)

    Kulottunga-II who took charges during the last life years of Ramanuja might have caused irritations to Srivaishnavites becuase of his involvement and attachment with Tiruchitrambalam but it did not affect Ramanuja (whose age that time around 116 years when this king took charge).

    now the conclusion is yours - who is kirumi kanda chola.
  • Very informative
  • I think this is a plausible explanation.

    Kirimi Gantha chozha is a sanskrit term for infected throat(larynx).
  • Hi
    the movie dasavatharam I am told shows this incident as a deliberate
    attempt of biological warfare
    the king was infected with a virus or bacteria.
    however , its nice that movies are getting ideas from history

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