Himalayas and Beyond
  • Just because Madhan does not know - is not aware,
    it does not mean that whatever that does not exist
    in his mind does not exist at all.

    You people are following the correct tract.

    Never be cowed by the opinions of people who are rich,
    famous, or celebrities.

    Himalayas were well-known to us. Himalayas and beyond in fact.

    Keep up the thread.

    Let us see what you people have in store.

    Dont be afraid of being wrong.
    You will always be corrected. - only when you know you are wrong.

    Go all the nine yards, buddy!



  • Thats right jaybee. I dont think so madhan knows anything about ps.
    he dont know the actual truth.kalki wanted to communicate in the end
    of the story - a morale of the story. a good end to everything, but
    he was not able to since he wanted everyone who reads it to find
    out. there are still many mysteries in the ending, - like what ?
    happened next?

    1. Why did vandhiya changed after seeing manimegalai - didnt he like
    kundavai any more? will he become the naughty chap who's carefree
    once again - or would he become dull & boring ever after? That was
    the first question kalki wanted to ask, according to my opinion -
    because there was no true hero of the story - acc to the story,
    vandhiya devan is the hero - but in actual/historical terms, ps or
    arul is the hero - as rrchola.so after vandhiya departs, what
    happened to him? no one knows it. since, there was no kalki sitting
    alive to tell that secret - he made us think. what will happen if
    vandhiya was alive and arul was alive too.and actually for the true
    ps lovers, he made us think right.

    so the solution:
    2.Vandhiya is alive in our hearts but arul is alive - meaning, there
    are many kings available in history - so we can correlate with any
    of them. But is it the truth - so i now put forward a simple
    question to all the ps fans who can read this:
    who is the best hero of ps - ? vandhiya or arulmozhi?
    if my answer is right as a true lover of literature - it would be
    50% each. so if it is 50% then which is 100% truth - for this kalki
    knew the answer - and he made arul know the answer too.and so arul
    or the king was gone and vandhiya still lives in our mind.

    so whos the best - is it the king rrchola or hero of the story
    vandhiya? whoever knows this secret truly from heart can take the ps
    story in to a movie.

    Thanks for the patience in reading my suggestion.

    you can all give your valuble feedback.
  • jaybee sir... what does the 'whole nine yards' phrase mean? I have heard it
    many times, but am not able to understand either the usage or the root of
    the phrase... would be greatful if you can explain...

    thx in advance...

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