PS.. Suggestions invited!!
  • Dear all,

    I have been a member of the group for a couple of
    months now but this is my first email to you all.

    So I guess I need to start by giving an introduction
    about myself.I am a dentist from India and am doing my
    PhD in the States for the past year and half. As you
    would all have guessed I am passionate about Ponninyin

    I am actually writing to ask you all a favor; my
    friends and I at University of Michigan would like to
    stage PS or an adaptation of it.. owever, this plan is
    only in its incipient stages and I was hoping to know
    if any "play " form has been done or has it been
    staged before. We are aware that it is a mammoth task
    , not only with the length and the intricacy of teh
    play but also because of trying to cater it to a
    diverse population, but the very essence of it lies in
    the fact that we will be able to reach a wider

    I would therefore be very grateful if you could give
    me any directions along these lines and also if there
    is an online version of th e book (we hope to have som
    einternational people on the play as well!!)..

    I would be thankful for all your input on this.

    Thanks and Bye,


    Dr Sudha Krishnamurthy
    1011, north University,
    School of Dentistry,
    University of Michigan,
    Ann Arbor,
    MI 48109
  • Hi,

    PS has been atleast once before (AFAIK) by Music Lantern of chennai. Some of

    our members have seen it I think, though I am not the one among them.
    There is an article about the PS drama in our group member Pavitra's blog.
  • Hi,
    I could just be a little late in replying to you. For online versions, You can check projectMadurai, they have lots of ebooks, I read my PS from them completly online. I am also in the US, itching to meet people with an interest in PS.

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