4471 BC - PonggalO Ponggal!
  • Dear PaiSigma Groupers,

    UththaraayaNam is the northward movement of the sun
    from the Tropic of Capricorn.
    It now takes place on 21st December.
    There was once a time, when it took place on 25th December.
    And before that, there was a time when it took place on
    14th January.
    1st of Thai month falls on that day now.
    Lets see.......
    When was the time, when it would have fallen on the
    1st of Chiththirai?

    4471 BC.

    I would have been paticipating in a Manjivirattu in Kapaatapuram.

    PonggalO Ponggal!
  • Folks: Can anyone please provide a time line from BC
    to AD and the tamil civilization's progress with the
    kings in power then. This has me totally foxed.

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