• It as mentioned by Dr.K.K.Pillai in 'Then Inthiya Varalaru', that One
    of the Ganga dynasty king was married to Rajendhra Chola's daugther,
    and that paved a way for Gangachodas Dynasty, which existde until
    mustim invasion on Great South India.

    Amangai was given to Rajaraja narendran, to whom was born the great
    Abaya Kulothungan.
    According to 'Vengaiyin Mainthan', Arulmozhi, an other daughter of
    Rajendhra Cholan, was given to Ilango. Did RjC have three daughters?
    or somewhere the correct information had been lost?

  • hello Rajenthiran, its not gangai dynasty its saalukiyar keelai saalukiyar and melai saalukiyar ok

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