• I was going thorugh an article on Bhakti Vikatan, There was a free hand sketch of a warrior on Horse being
    lead by another warrior. The stunning fact is this sculpture rests on a Dinousar controlled by another warrior.

    The temple was built by Shambuvarayar, at the period, the great Chola dynasty was taken over by mighty
    Pandyas, 1330 AD.

    Now, had there been any knowledge of these Dinosaurs among our men during those days. It is hard to
    believe that the sculpture is just a creativity of the sculptor.

  • Hi

    just the creativity.

    mankind and dinosaurs never co- existed .

    so even the flint stones cartoon is a myth.

    but creativity can go a great distance.

    there is a statue of a giraffee in khajraho when the first girafee to
    enter india must have been in the 20th century.

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