How Tanjore Temple was built? Further questions...
  • Dear Dr.Jaybee..
    Myself and kamal have taken two different approaches to this problem.
    My question is which approach is closer to the solution you have in
    mind - or is it a combination of Both?
    I see some Jaybee Podi(!) in the usage of cotton - as suggested by
    the story...can't see where it is appropriate..may be to arrest the
    stones from movement etc.

    Apart from Brahmandira kal - what was the weight and dimenstions of
    other small stones that make up the vimana?

    What was the total weight of the top kumbu? I assume it is made of 4
    parts of quarter each..

    My botheration is not just on the brahmandira kal but all other
    stones as well...each should be lifted to the top.

    Going by my idea (sarams around the vimana) - how strong the sarams
    should have been to hold a 80 tonne stone block ?? amazing...

    One final question : What was the engineering book used during such
    constructions? Is it a part of Shilpa sastra books or have the not
    survived till date ? I've heard about tamil mathematics - has it got
    something to do with this??
  • another re posting 20.4.2003 re Big temple - Gokul !!

    Members may recall that the LATEST THEORY is that ::

    Like a Cone ice spiral, mud was put around Vimana and
    80 T (made of eight pieces - NOT SINGLE AS POPULARLY BELIEVED)
    STONE WAS taken to the top and the mud removed later.

    We can present the power point some time later.

    anbudan / sps


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