English Article - Saraswathi Pujai and Sakalakalaavalli Maalai -#1
  • Saraswathi Pujai and Sakalakalaavalli Maalai-#1

    The Goddess Sarasvathi is one of the goddesses who has been
    worshipped by the Tamils since ancient times. She was known as
    NaamagaL, KalaivaaNi, etc.
    Until a few venturies ago, the influence of the poets and scholars
    far surpassed the influence of even the kings and emperors.
    Even during the 20th century, even though they did not enjoy that
    much of influence, still they had respect, prestige, and esteem. Only
    the present times, scholars and poets of Tamil have lost much respect
    among the Tamils.

    Because of the influence exhibited by the poets and scholars,
    added to the value and importance of education, Sarasvathi worship
    was in vogue. Even those poets and scholars who worshipped other
    deities as The Supreme God, also prayed to Sarasvathi.

    Kamban was a great VishNu Bhaktha. Ottakkuuththar was a staunch
    Siva Bhaktha. They had the full Grace of the Goddess Sarasvathi. They had
    the great boon of seeing and hearing Sarasvathi often. Adhi Sankara had a
    confrontation with Sarasvathi three times. He was tested personally by
    Because of that, he could ascend the 'Sarvagnya Peetam'. This peetam is
    reserved for scholars who excelled in all branches of knowledge and arts.

    Poems, songs, and thuthis dedicated to Sarasvathi are numerous
    in Tamil. Almost every Tamil literary work would contain at least one
    dedicated to Sarasvathi.
    If a person would collect the verses dedicated to Sarasvathi in the
    various literary works in Tamil, the collection alone would make a big
    voluminous work.
    Even the Jain major work, Siivaka ChinthaamaNi contains a section
    called 'naamagaL ilampakam'. Buddhists revered Her as Tara.
    Kambar's 'Sarasvathi andhaadhi', Ottakkuuththar's 'Iitti elzubathu',
    and Kumaraguruparar's 'Sakala-kalaa-valli Maalai' are very powerful
    thuthimaalais. They are packed with mystic and miraculous force-fields.
    Kumaraguruparar was greatly blessed by the Goddess Sarasvathi.
    He was not able to speak since birth. When he was five years old,
    his parents took him to Thiruchendhur and left him in temple at the mercy
    of Muruga KadavuL.
    Due to the Grace of Muruga Peruman, Kumaraguruparar was able
    to compose beautiful poems. The very first collection of songs that he
    sang was the 'Kandhar Kali VeNba' in praise of Muruga Peruman.
    'He who has Murugan as his Guru'.
    He came from Thiruchendhur to Madurai. At that time, Thirumalai Nayakkar
    was ruling over Madurai country. He had done extensive extensions and
    refurbishing to the Meenakshi Temple.
    When Guruparar neared Madurai, the Goddess Meenakshi appeared
    to Thirumalai Nayakkar and told him to receive Kumaraguru royally and
    welcome him to the temple. She also told Kumaraguru that Thirumalai
    Nayakkar would receive him.

    When they reached Meekashi Temple, Kumaraguruparar sang the
    'Meenaatchiyamman PiLLai Thamilz'.

    The Goddess Meenakshi came out of Her shrine in the form of a small
    girl and sitting on the lap of the Nayakkar, listened to
    rendering of the PiLLai Thamilz.
    When Kumaraguruparar sang the verse, 'thodukkum kadavuL palzam
    paadal thodaiyin payanE', She took off a pearl garland from the neck of
    the Nayakkar and adorned Kumaraguruparar with it.
    Kumaraguruparar went around Tamilnadu and other places and
    challenged other religous groups called them out to debate and won them.
    In the course of his sojourn, he reached Kaasi Benares.......
  • JB Ayya!

    Enjoyable and worth reading during puja celebrations.

    The girl who sat on the lap of Thirumalai Nayakkar was none other but Goddess Meenakshi - which they came to know only after some time after the function. The King actually had a daughter who casually used to sit on the lap of father. But at the particular time of rendering of 'Meenakshi Pillaith Thamizh, the actual daughter was playing inside the palace which they later came to know.
    (Ref. Ooran AdigaL's book on saiva mada varalaaru - a wonderful historical record book on all shaiva siththaantha mutts)

    Miracles are common in Tamil country.
  • >
    > Miracles are common in Tamil country.

    well said , Diwaker but perhaps because they are too frequent we dont
    realise the true value of them.

    miracles are the visiting card of the lord and madurai( I can see
    Rahul Jumping with joy) has had more than its share of miracles with
    god appearing with stunning regularity.


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