Sarasvathi Pujai and Sakalakalaavalli Maalai - #2
  • Sarasvathi Pujai and Sakalakalaavalli Maalai - #2

    For a very long time, Tamils have been going on pilgrimage to
    Benares in the thousands. But they did not have suitable place in
    So, Kumaraguruparar wanted to build and wstablish a matam - charitable
    monastry where pilgrims can receive hospitality and also religious
    propagation can be made.
    At that time, the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan was ruling over the
    whole of North India.
    His eldest son Tara Shikoh was ruling as governor over the
    north-eastern part of the empire. He ruled as the Nawab of Oudh.
    Kumaragurupara wanted to see him.
    He did not know Hindustani which the Nawab spoke. And the Nawab
    did not know Tamil.
    So, Kumaraguruparar beseeched the Goddess Sarasvathi in the
    form of ten verses asking Her fo the boon of knowledge.
    Kumaraguruparar, beng a Siddhar called forth a lion and sat on it
    and went to see the Nawab. He spoke to him in Hindusthani. The Nawab
    was very pleased and gave an endowment of land to Kumaraguruparar to
    build his matam. This was very unusual and out-of-the-way for those
    The Muslim Mughals were habitually destroying temples and buliding
    in their places with the very stones from the temples.
    Hence it was unusual for Dara Shikoh, the crown prince of Mughal
    empire to have donated land and also given permission to do whatever
    activities that Kumaragurupapar wanted to do.
    This is the Grace of the Goddess.
    The ability to speak in multitudinous languages, is known as the
    'Gift of Tongues'. Other religious groups also exhibit this kind of
    Ever since then, the monastries of Kumaraguruparar's lineage have
    been known as 'Kaasi Matam' and the chief Monk is known as 'Kaasivaasi'.

    How to worship Saarsvathi in a simple and effective manner?

    There are some books on that. But the rituals and thuthis and mantras
    are rather difficult for the common person. To ask a priest to do the
    on behalf, would never be as effective as a self-made worship. However
    simple it might be.
    Have a picture of Sarasvathi on a peetam - pedastal. Place a lamp
    near it and light it. Adorn the picture with flowers. Spread a white
    cloth in
    front of the picture. Place books, pens, pencils, note-books, and the
    instruments of learning and profession.
    The bigger equipment can be kept as they were. All these should be
    sprinkled lightly with sandalwood paste and rose water. Incence sticks
    (uuthu paththi), saambiraani smoke, kaRpuura araththi, betel leaves
    and nuts,
    turmeric, kumkumam, vibhuthi, flowers are used for the pujai. If you
    are in
    Oslo or Helsinki, where are you going to get Betel leaves and nuts.
    So..... dont bother with such details.
    Your Bhakthi is within your heart. Not in the Vetrilai paakku.
    Sakala kalaa valli malai recitation is equivalent to Mantra Thuthi.
    Have no doubt.
    It is.
    Remember Kumaraguruparar's acheivement. It is motivation and the
    willingness and the wish to do, that matter most.
    First do the 'avahanam' of Sarasvathi.
    Dont be scared by the word 'aavahanam'. It is just the invocation.
    You are calling Sarasvathi and inviting Her to be where you want Her.
    You can talk to Her in Tamil or Telugu or Swahili, or Esquimaux.
    She will understand all these languages.
    She has to.
    Recite the Sakala-kalaa-valli maalai. Even if you cant do it, dont worry.
    Pray! Pray!! Pray!!!~
    Somehow or other, the notion that The Goddess can be placated by
    costly and complex and time-consuming rituals involving a lot of money
    other paraphernalia, has taken hold of the people.
    Uttering something that nobody knows how to utter correctly, or the
    meaning of it, dipping costly silk sarees in ghee and burning them.....
    Do you think The Goddess would be taken up by these vanities?
    What She wants is plain simple deep Bhakthi.
    Thats all.
    What more?

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