Chola Valanadu!
  • Nice to mail you after a long time.

    I had been to place around Kumbakoanam on a religious visit last week.
    Kaveri, with lots of water is making her kingdom, more green and

    I was at Poompuhar trying to locate Champadevi temple. The ancient
    kingdom of Perumthirumavalan had this temple and there was Champapathi
    Vanam too. I touched base with Sps and Kudavoil Balu.

    As suggested, I reached the temple, south to place where Kaveri joins
    the ocean. Only to find the last walls of the temple, and the rest
    ruined by Tsunami. The place has been spoiled by people nearby to the
    extent unimaginable. You cannot see, walk and breath.

    The once mighty capital of Cholas is now, useless for anything. Even
    for tourism.

    I visited Dharasuram temple in afternoon. None was in the temple. i
    was moved looking at the artistical beauty of the sculptures.

    I am a stauch devotee of Godess Kotravai (Durgai). I could not help
    looking at her statue, and think that she had seen, the great empires
    begin and end. She has seen Pandyas, Cheras and Cholas rule entire
    Bharatavarsha, and she still sees them no where.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Hi rajendra cholan

    could you tell us more of the champa devi temple( not its remnants but
    the original)
    very close to the confluence ( not too close but on the main road) is
    a temple called pallavaneshwaram. should check its history.

    was pumpuhar north of the confluence or south of it or on eihter side
    with the river bisecting it? right now all the monuments seem to be
    only on the north bank

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