Ramayana and Tamil Nadu!
  • Veleeshwarar, Kanchi Puram!

    I always think, whether the Ramayana and other epics, could have
    been taken part in TamilNadu, and we have been deprived of a glory.
    One thing, that standsout of Kosala Rama and his country. I may be
    proven wrong on this.

    I had been to Kanchipuram, this Saturday. Opposite to Lord
    Ekambareshwarar Sanctum, very well besides Nandhi, there is a small
    shrine of Valeeshwarar. It is belived Vali, has worshipped this
    linga and tried to take him by force to Hampi,(Kishkintha). This
    shrine is locked now, or may be when I went there. I remember to
    have touched the Linga and felt Vali's fingers impressed on it.

    I am yet to locate the place near Cheyyar, where Akalikai is belived
    to have reattained her human form from stone.

    The Saharalingam, linga with thousand linga's , that is belived to
    have ben installed by Rama, is besides the Lord Ekkambareshwara
    Sanctum, in veli prakaaram.

    The Linga believed to have been installed by Sage Vishvamitra is
    outside the temple, on the left side from the main gopuram (Street).

    I had been to a campus recruitment at Mahalingam Engineering college
    at Pollachi. I along with my team visitied a temple, at Anamalai,
    near by. The presiding diety is called Maasaniyamman. It is belived
    Maasaniyaman has been worshipped by Rama to gain power to kill
    Tadagai demoness. Adding to the fact, that there is a hill called
    Tadagi hill, where Rama is believed to have killed this demoness.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • Rajendra Chozhan put me in a nostalgic mood.

    My native is a village at the foot hills of this 'Tadagai Hill'. We refer to
    it as 'Tadagai natchiamman Malai'. It is a very small shrine (more a shed)
    with a small stream flowing near by. One has to trek through forests and
    climb steep inclines to reach this temple. Parts of Kodaikanal range will be
    visible from this hill. It was full of elephants and other wild animal and
    usually, visitors go in groups more than 20. Ideal place for Tadagai to have

    This hill is closer to Azhiyar Dam (where Vedathri Maharishi's ashram is
  • :o)...I think, I will stop with this epic, atleast for now...:o)

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • -Hi

    the ideal place to look for ramayana leftovers is south east tamil nad

    kandadevi( kanden deviyai)

    the natural adam's bridge reputedly built by the vanaras.

    iragu seri where the wing of jatayu was cut and fell

    but valmiki reports only one temple in temil nadu in his original
  • Hi all
    I know sps not only talks about these temples but has already visited

    very little to add

    but some snippets

    ramar statue lies on darbai grass ( of stone) here. he did a penance
    that way.
    when I went there a local told me sincerely that the village never
    prospers because ramar never ate once here during his penance.
    child less couples are advised to go to this temple and take the
    payasam offered as neivedyam( they call it thiru amuthu or something
    meaning that)

    > Thiru Kuruvirameswaram - Near Tiruthuraipundi - Rama worshipped this
    > Linam;

    ramar padam is on the way to kodi karai on a small hill. it is
    reported that he stood on this hillock ( rare among marsh lands) to
    view lanka. first.
    when I went there the hillock was full of monkeys but managed to stave
    them off and saw the padam. ( the footmark is very big!. )

    > Thila tharpanapuri - near Tiruvarur / Koothanur Saraswathi temple :
    > Ram performed Thila Tharpanam for Jadayu.

    this is an interesting temple. close to kuthanoor saraswathi temple.
    small private temple. but excellent maintainence.
    dont ask for thila tharpanapuri(thats for the very learned like SPS)
    we need to ask the common name thilakai pathi.
    also the aadhi vinayakar with human face is outside this temple ( but
    frankly he resembled dakshinamurthy)

    also rama prayed in uppur veyilugantha vinayaga temple near ramnad RS
    mangalam tank (where a bulk of the vaigai empties I guess)

    the ramnad kings are still called sethu pathis( or the maintainers of
    the bridge)

  • There is a connection between Vaitheeshwaran Koil, Jatayu and Rama.
    Rama is said to have performed tharpanam for Jatayu here too.

    There is also a saying that Agathiyar made Rama come from North to
    wage a battle with Ravana. Though I do not have any supportings for

    Can Kosala be some town in TamilNadu itself?. After migration of
    Yadhavas from north with Agathiyar, there had been references of our
    kings might over Yadhavas. So, this may not be with Yadhavas of
    north, but a community settled in south. Similarly when Cheran
    Cheguttuvan, is said to have defeated Yavanas in battle, there are
    speculations that, this battle might have been against a huge Yavana
    settlement in Arabian sea, rather than Greeks.

    There had been mention about Vadugar, Kosar etc. Can this Kosar be
    of this lineage?

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • some more ramayana land marks

    in Hampi, Amongst the ruins of the Vijayanagara empire, is a cave
    known as Sugriva's Cave. The cave is marked by coloured markings. The
    place holds its similarity to the descriptions of 'kishkinda' in
    Sundarakanda. Rama is said to have met Hanuman here. The place is also
    home to the famous Hazararama temple (Temple of a thousand Ramas).

    in uthirakosamangai ( mentioned 38 times in thiruvasakam)near
    rameshwaram, ravana's wife mandothari's name is inscribed in the
    sanctum from time immemoriaal.

    near thirusengattangudi ( of ss fame) is Ramanathiicharam a devara
    sthalam connected with rama. perhaps a rare shiva temple like
    rameshwaram named after another god.
    SPS must note: there is a kalvettu here endowing a area called as
    "Sivapathasekaramangalam" for this temple.

    vibishana is connected with srirangam temple.

    in rameshwaram 2 lingams are installed by ramayana family. seetha
    places the main lingam but the puja starts only with hanumans vishwa

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