Grama Devatas :: Kannagi and Kodungollur Bhagavati - Siruvachur Madurakali
  • Connection between Mathurakaaliyamman temple of Siruvachur and
    Kannagi is also establised.

    Kannagi after her vengence against Madurai, visited many places
    for 'Shanthi'. She once came to Srivachur, the temple then
    was 'Selliyamman temple'.

    There was a 'poosari' in selliyamman temple, who had obtained a
    promise from the goddess that she should do as he wishes. Mother
    compasionate, gave her consent. The 'Poosari' started performing
    atrocities, and Selliyamman could not bear it, but she could not do
    anything because of the promise.

    During this time, when the 'Poosari' was away on his duties, Kannagi
    visited the temple, and she found Goddess Selliyamman, very muich
    unhappy. She then was told by Goddess what happened. Kannagi, with
    the permission of Seliyamman, requested 'Madhuraiyaritha Kaali', to
    help her. Kaali, then requested Selliyamman, to go to a nearest hill
    and stay up there, and she will occupy her position here in the

    The 'Poosari' who retuned to temple after his job, was surprised and
    shocked to find Kaali, with all her fury sitting in place of
    Selliyamman. Knowing his end, he requested his samadhi to be in the
    temple, and people to stamp over his body and worship her, and Kaali
    to stay parmanently at this temple. Kaali granted his wishes.

    Below the steps of moolasthaanam, si belived to be that 'Poosari's'

    So Siruvachur became famous for Madhurakaali and still Selliyamman
    occupies a temple in nearby hill.

    So Sirivachur has 2000 years old history.

    Rajendhra Cholan!

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