Grama Devatas :: Kannagi and Kodungollur Bhagavati
  • Cheran Cheguttuvan, built a temple for Kannagi. By any chance this
    temple is Kodungollur Bhagavti.

    Kodungollur's earlier name was Mahodayapuram. The capital of Chera's.
    But, the capital of earlier chera's was Vanji, present days Karuvoor
    or Karur. So, to my humble knowledge Cheguttuvan constructing a temple
    for Kannagi, at Mohodayapuram could not be justified as Kannagi was
    from chola country and her connections to Chera country could not be
    established, except Ilangoadigal chose to write 'Silapdhigaram'.

    But, I have listened to songs on Kodungollur Bhagavati, that
    repeatedly chants 'Kannagi Kannagi...'.

    Any inputs on this?

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • I recollect an article on "Om Shakthi" magazine (early 90s) linking
    Kannagi with Kodungollur Bhagavati.

    The author of that article had given multiple evidence to relate this
    temple with Kannagi.

    1. Some traditions during temple festivals with Gold-smiths.
    2. He stats an hidden room in basement behind Bhagavti temple and
    that is opened once in a year for some puja. etc.

    Since I had read this article long time ago, could not recollect some
    thing more here. If any one read this article or know something
    related to this.

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