Paradise Lost: Kaveripoompattinam!
  • The below is the link on Poompuhar.

    Provides a good deal of information, on this city. Once a busiest
    trading centre of the most powerful king in the world.

    Has there been a trip to Poompuhar?

    Rajendhra Cholan!
  • hi all
    its not just worth going to pumpuhar

    its a concrete jungle- a creation of some misguided architect

    however where kaveri joins the sea is a scenic place. you can drive
    right up to the river on the sandy track

    you have some devara paadal petra sthalams in the neigbourhood

    pallavaneeshwaram, thiruvengadu and valam puram. the last is caaled
    mela perum pallam as it was situated in the moat of puhar

    ofcourse kila perumpallam is a navagraha shetram.

    poompuhar is the legendary origin of the nagarathars.
    still, in an annual function the nagaraththars return to this town
    every year to celebrate the birth of their illustrious son
  • > pallavaneeshwaram, thiruvengadu and valam puram. the last is caaled

    There is a place called punjai - ponsei is the correct name

    The temple is just stunning
  • not even ponsei
    punjai is actually thirunanippalli

    birthplace of bhagawathi ammaiyar the mother of sambanthar

    as a small kid sambanthar sang a devaram from the shoulder of his
    father and mentions this in the last stanza

    i went there long back and remember the gurukkal telling me the
    sanctum was so big for an elephant to circle the lingam


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