• Dear All,

    I am somebody who spent a lifetime in the pursuit of
    knowledge and preservation of tenets of culture, religion,
    ethics, language, etc., and passing them on to the next
    generation. I collected more than 5000 books on the relevant
    subjects and also artifacts. I have made some important
    discoveries which have been published and most remain
    I also headed a socio-religious organisation and
    went out to the poor and under-privileged.
    Needless to say, all these things made me poor,
    and sick.
    But still, with whatever resources that I can muster
    from my meagre income, I still persist in doing what I started
    to do.
    You dont have to be like me.
    That would be suicidal:-)

    A large number of youngsters here, have access to
    the internet and also a lot of prime time.

    It pains me to see that a lot of energy and effort is
    squandered and frittered away.

    For the time-being, I would suggest this.
    This is actually the dream of a very great genius and
    multifacteted scholar called Dr.A.V.Jeyachandrun. He has
    been conveniently forgotten:-)

    He has made a study of the Great Temple.

    He wanted to create a huge knowledge base about
    the Great Temple. Hundreds of photographs of every nook
    and corner. All the art panels, niches, friezes, lintels,
    motifs.....everything. A lots and lots of write-ups and
    explanatory notes.

    That was supposed to be done in high quality paper,
    bound in volumes. It was very very expensive. So the dream
    remained a dream.

    At that time, the internet was not there.
    But now there is.

    You would have heard the story of Puusalaar Naayanaar.
    He who built a temple within his mind.

    Now, boys and girls.

    Rebuild the Great Temple in the web!
    It must be such that it must become a wonder in the web.
    Then you can go on to the Gangai Konda Cholzapuram.

    You can do it.
    You have the facilities.
    You have the know-how.

    Go on. Start.
  • >
    > You can do it.
    > You have the facilities.
    > You have the know-how.
    > Go on. Start.

    Let us all take this scholar's advise to our hearts and start working
    in full speed. We should get a good starter hosted by this sadhayam
  • Dear Dr Jaybee
    Thank you
    Thats what we are striving for and am positive will acoomplish it
  • Dear Sir,
    With your support and aasirvadam we will take forward the job and
    execute well. As you said everything is available now and the reach of
    the net is much broader than a book. All the greta scholars' wishes be
    with us.

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