Kallanai - Kalingathu Parani
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    Kalingathu Parani, hails each chola kings who were predecessors, to
    Abaya Kulothunga. For Karikalan the line starts with 'Karai sEi
    Ponniyil...'. So, this proves, that it as built by a King, who
    lived long ago, even before, Nayakar's great grand fathers were born.

    It is a part of Srilanka, history that Karikalan, brougt PoW from
    his Srilanka war, to have this constructed. It is a different
    story that there was a revenge from Srilanka side too.

    Rajendhra Cholan!
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    Phew.... Sps Sir, How fast the time is moving..I still remember to
    have mailed it. and we re more than 10000 messages now.

    Rajendhra cholan!
  • -kallanai a natural dam?
    no way
    I quote what i have read
    it is thought to date back to the 1st or 2nd century. It is
    considered the oldest water-diversion structure in the world still in
    an older dam in egypt recently covered in discovery channel is not
    The Kallanai is a massive dam of unhewn stone, 329 metres (1,080
    feet) long and 20 metres (60 feet) wide, across the main stream of
    the Cauvery.
    figures may vary but definitely man made.perhaps he used a natural
    cataract for the site.

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