Vanakam Nanbargale.......
  • It is nice to be here
    Here we do have any Original pics of Maniam?
    Really Ponniien Selvan is a epic.... But most of the Today's
    generation missing that book (not only that book, they are loosing
    reading habbit itself- That too reading tamil books .....)
    I am slowly going inside this HUGE site.
    My name is N.Jayakumar- 38- Chennai.
    In my college days I used to read lot of Tamil books...
    Ponniyin Selvan - I think I read this for about 3 to 4 times.
    Sivakamiyin Sabatham - I got this book from my relative's house and
    finished that in about 8 hrs..... without taking any break.
    Read most of the Santilyan's novels, His latter dated books written
    for the weekly 'Rani' turned more towards masala things. His earlier
    books 'jala dheebam', 'yavana rani' are amazing books.......
    Eventhough all this kinds of books written around some adobted
    charaters, it all gave more details about our Indian Heritage than
    our School History books.
    Besides this my interests (at that time) are Balakumaran, Stella
    Bruce, Parasuram Biswas, .....

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